Pai Gow poker rules for Canadian players

Pai Gow borrows part of the name and general principle from the Chinese game Pai Gow, which uses a Chinese domino to play. It is considered to be an unusual type of poker, in which not one, but two hands are formed. It uses not traditional 5, but seven cards, which are initially dealt to both the croupier and the user. Besides the fact that the game is not quite ordinary, the lucky one can win a rather large amount of money. The main things the casino gambler needs are luck and strategic thinking, as well as knowledge of standard Pai Gow poker rules and all possible combinations used in the game.

Pai Gow poker rules — the house way

The House Way of Pai Gow poker rules may be different. In some casinos, the game is played with 52 cards without the participation of the joker, although usually joker is involved.

  • The user is dealt seven cards, and not the usual five, but his task is to make two winning combinations from these cards. Meanwhile, often, the game participant manages to form one composition, which can bring him good money.
  • The dealer does the same.
  • The hands of the participant are compared in order to determine which of them is more profitable.
  • According to the rules to play Pai Gow poker, the list of possible combinations of the first hand varies from Royal Flush to the highest card. However, the second hand allows a gamer forming only a “Pair” or the “High Card” combination. Each of the hands in a certain way correlates with the compositions dropped by the user.

Pai Go rules vary a bit (in different casinos). Thus, the player needs to master at least one of these variants and use his own strategy for the gameplay. For example, if an explicit combination is not formed when the cards are dropped, the user should leave the highest card on the upper hand, and move the next two to the lower one. If a pair appears on the playing field, it must be sent to the upper hand, and two large cards must be fixed on the lower hand. In addition, the player is advised to split and not split cards in the event of a combination with their participation. Often, if a draw appears (a gamer and a croupier have the same hands), the dealer is considered the winner of the round.

Bonus casino Pai Gow Poker rules in Canada

Some Canadian casinos use a bonus bet in Pai Gow poker rules. For example, the gambler can make it in Fortune Pai Poker. This is an additional stake (minimum 5 CAD for it is taken). If it plays, the gamer gets the so-called Envy Bonus.

Joker is also involved here, so, according to the Pai Gow poker joker rules, players deal with the 53-cards deck. The joker can be used only for making Straight, Flush, Straight Flush and Royal Flush, where it replaces any required card.

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