Pai Gow Poker Vegas Rules and Best Venues

A combination of the ancient Chinese game Pai Gow and the American poker, Pai Gow Poker Vegas has gained quite a large popularity among gamblers worldwide. The game has a slow pace and is played with a deck of 52 cards and a single joker. The latter can complete a straight or a flush, or be used as an Ace. Unlike other poker games, players try to beat the banker and not each other.

Best Vegas Pai Gow Poker Venues

Are you searching for brick-and-mortar casinos where you can play Pai Gow poker Las Vegas? Well, if that’s what you need, here are some of the most awesome destinations for you once you are in Sin City:

  1. Aliante Casino;
  2. Caesars Palace;
  3. Encore;
  4. Bellagio;
  5. Palazzo;
  6. Bally’s;
  7. Red Rock.
Pai Gow Poker Vegas

This list can be continued at least with several tens of names. However, you’d better consider playing the game online since you benefit a lot by choosing online gambling. First, you don’t have to travel to Vegas. Secondly, you can launch your favorite casino game whenever you wish 24/7. Third, you can try playing the game for free and not risk a penny. And at last, by registering an account, you can claim for welcome bonuses and increase your bankroll.

This is the website where you get a chance to improve your winning odds with the help of 100% up to $400. To get it, create an account and make your first deposit. Besides Pai Gow poker, you can launch some other casino games here including table games (roulette, craps, Blackjack, Baccarat), slots, specialty games.


Few gambling sites can compete with PokerStars when it comes to the convenient conditions of playing poker at any variation. Once you register here, you instantly get $30 for playing the poker game you like the most. However, the biggest bonus is offered to those who make their first deposits. With a bonus code STAR600, you can get 100% for up to $600. The website ensures a high level of data security, as well as quick withdrawals and prompt customer support.


If you seek a professional platform to test your Pai Gow poker skills, you can always experience the game differently on this online poker website. Numerous promotions and bonuses, a wide range of poker games and tournaments. All this is delivered on a grandiose website with bright graphics and a user-friendly interface.

Playing Pai Gow Progressive Las Vegas Game Online

Want to learn how to play progressive Pai Gow Poker Vegas game? The rules are not that different. Here are the crucial points to help you make out of the game:

  • a 53-card deck is used in the game (an ordinary deck plus a Joker);
  • the deck gets shuffled each hand;
  • the game starts with the players making their bets;
  • every player is dealt with seven cards all face-up;
  • the dealer is dealt with seven cards but face down;
  • a player is to form a five-card hand and a two-card hand with what he’s got;
  • the five-hand card must be stronger than the two-card one;
  • the Joker card can be used only for making a straight flush, a flush, a straight;
  • if the Joker is not a part of the above-mentioned hands, it’s used as an Ace;
  • after all the players have set their hands, the dealer flips his cards and arranges into a hand in the House Way;
  • if a player loses both hands, the bet is lost, if only one hand wins the bet is a push, if both hands win, the player is paid even money with a 5%-commission reduced;
  • ties go to the dealer.

When you launch the best Pai Gow in Vegas, it’s recommended to consider placing a Fortune Bonus side bet. Depending on all the seven cards you get, you win a certain amount of cash at the end of the game.

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