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Pai Gow Poker is the American version of Pai Gow, a traditional Asian game played with dice similar to those used in dominoes. In order to simplify the game, in the American market, Pai Gow was introduced in a different version, which uses a standard 52-card deck and jokers. As stated in the rules of poker good year , you can use the joker as an ace or as a wild card to complete combinations such as flush, straight or straight flush. Pai go poker is compatible with mobile devices , as well as Windows and Mac devices .

Pai gow poker basics

In order to start playing Pai Go Poker, you will need to place your bet according to the minimum table limits. After the bets have been placed, all the players at the table are dealt seven cards from which they must make up two poker hands – a two-card poker hand and a standard 5-card poker hand. A 5-card hand is often called a back hand, high or large hand, while a two-card hand is called a small, top, or front hand.

When creating these two hands from your seven cards, make sure your five-card hand is higher than a two-card hand. For example, if you are dealt AA-4-6-7-10-J (and you don’t have a flush), then place aces in a 5-card hand, not a two-card hand. If your 2-card hand is better than a 5-card hand, then it is considered a mistake and you automatically lose.

Essentially, 5-card hands follow the standard poker hand ranking rules, while 2-card hands are just pairs and high cards. The best two card hand is a pair of aces, and the worst is 3-2.

Once you’ve made both of your poker hands the way you want them to, place them on the table with a 2-card hand in front and a 5-card hand in the back, as their names suggest. Your main task in this game is to win both hands against the banker, in this case the banker can be one of the players at the table or the dealer.

Determining the winner

All of the players’ hands are compared to the banker’s hand. If both of your hands are better than the banker’s hands, then you are the winner of the hand. If only one of your hands beats the banker’s hand, then the result of the distribution will be considered a draw, that is, you won’t win anything, but you won’t lose either. However, if both of the banker’s hands are the best of yours, then you lose your bet. You also lose the bet if you tied against the banker. This is one of the ways in which the establishment retains an advantage in pai go poker.

Pai Gow Game Tips

Become a banker as soon as the opportunity presents itself, as the banker has a better chance of winning than the rest of the players at the table. However, you need to make sure you have a large enough bankroll as you will need to cover the stakes of all the players at the table.

Also, try to balance both your 2-card and 5-card hands in order to have a better chance of winning , as some players concentrate completely on only a 5-card hand and forget about a 2-card hand or vice versa.

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